Creating a Synergetic Business Environment

About us

Passionate believers in the importance of reaching a Synergetic Business Environments. We made it our mission to lead businesses to achieve synergy between its functionalities and resources by keeping them independent in a fixable yet sustained business model.


Like an Iceberg, there is more deep under what is visible.

Thus we start by evaluate and define the essential pillars of the business, planning a practical strategy, setting SMART expectations and deliverables, executing within defined time and budget, measure the result to continue on improving.


Project Development & Management

How to find a solution to a problem or need and implement it

  • Research & Development
  • Planning and Pivoting
  • Implementation & Execution

Cross-Platform Solutions

How to automate your business keeping things under control yet easing access

  • Responsive Web Solutions
  • App development (Android, IOS & Windows)
  • UX/UI development & design

Experience Engineering

How should you run your business and what should your target experience & feel

  • Process Engineering
  • User Experience Designing
  • Mystery Shopping Programs


“Synergy means behavior of integral, aggregate, whole systems unpredicted by behaviors of any of their components or subassemblies of their components taken separately from the whole.”
Richard Buckminster Fuller “Bucky” 1975 - Coiner of the term Tensegrity in the 1960s